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A Brief Note On Cross Laminated Timber Act - 909 Words

Cross Laminated Timber Over the past few decades, practitioners and researchers across the world have managed to make advancements in building system technologies that require the use of large dimension engineered wood panel elements, columns and beams. Commonly referred to as â€Å"mass timber†, these engineered wood products have given builders and designers the ability to construct large scale structures with higher performance for commercial use. Mass timber has revolutionized the use of wood in the construction industry, resulting in new methods and techniques of construction that were never before realized with wood as a material. Cross Laminated Timber acts as an example of one of the mass timber products that is giving wood construction a whole new meaning thanks to its innovative technology and revolutionary methods. Example of CLT construction Designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects, the Stadthaus building located in Hackney London, acts as an example of a CLT constructed high-rise building. The Stadthaus was the tallest high-rise timber construction on the planet at the time of its completion in 2009 (Stadthaus n.p). In constructing the building, the architects employed CLT panels as load bearing walls and slabs. The designers had prior experience with the use of CLT technology before constructing the Stadthaus. They had made practical use of CLT in projects involving low-rise educational, commercial and industrial housing projects. In the construction of the

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Teacher Career - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 761 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/02/05 Category Education Essay Level High school Tags: Teacher Essay Did you like this example? When you are thinking about what career you might want to go into what’s the first thing you look at? That’s right, the bank you’re going to be making one day. Being a college student, it’s normal to change your major several different times, so looking at future salaries becomes a regular for most. There are so many things one can become, but money is a very important factor especially if we’re going to be doing it for a long time. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Teacher Career" essay for you Create order With elementary education as my current major, the concern of teacher’s salary is already making me wonder about how I’m going to support myself and a family one day. The salary that these teachers are making aren’t leveling out to the hours, responsibility, and the roles they play in the life of the everyday students each year. Some students go to college for an education degree because they have to decide in a major program and education comes off as being the easiest one, but teachers believe deciding to become a teacher is truly a calling, especially with the younger ones. states, â€Å"We need great teachers who can go above and beyond basic expectations.† Everyone could become one, but that doesn’t mean that they would be good at it or anything better than basic. This world needs teachers that want to influence children and teach them the importance of an education, not teachers who are there because they think everyone can do it and it’ll be the easiest. Teachers go through their 4-year bachelor’s degree, many Praxis test, certifications, and some even go back to school to get their Masters. A benefit of going back or getting your Masters degree is you get a higher salary. By doing this teachers can continue to improve themselves to be better for the students du ring summer breaks and throughout the school year, on top on their job. Some believe that teachers work less hours than any other person at their daily job. They do not realize all the work that has to be done to be prepared in the classroom. Teachers get paid to work an eight to three o’clock job. The National Education Association says, â€Å"While seven hours is the contracted work day, teachers must do significant amounts of work such as grading papers and revising lesson plans on their own time, after school and on the weekends.† Teachers also have after-school meetings, parent teacher conferences, assignments, and activities. So, the eight to three o’clock job turns into a seven to five-thirty job. The annual salary varies on whether the school is public or private, the grade(s) you teach, and the location and state where the school is at. In Arkansas, elementary teachers make an average of 48,000 dollars a year. It is totally understandable to have to have to start off low just like everyone else does, but over years of experience in the field you would think higher pay would be steadily increasing. Second grade teacher, Andrea Coker in an interview said, â€Å"Teaching is an extremely stressful job with impossible expectations from administration, the state department, and parents.† Teachers have to be able to control twenty-five students, teach them, and protect them every day. Keep in mind that every single student is different each with different learning styles and home lives. Could you imagine teaching twenty children every day? Most would say they would lose their sanity. Coker also stated, â€Å"Teaching is the most important job there is. We wouldn’t have doctors, lawyers, or scientist without teachers.† Teaching goes beyond just the academic level. Teachers spend seven hours a day five days a week with these students, so they also get to help teach their students life lessons as well, such as sharing, kindness, and patience with other classmates. Preparing to become a teacher isn’t cheap. Many teachers have thousands and thousands of dollars of student loan debt, but without the pay they deserve they don’t just get to pay those off easy. Some teachers have to work multiple jobs, and some end up having to leave the teaching field to help provide for themselves and their family. There are plenty of people that think teacher’s salary is fine just like it is, but just like Coker said, â€Å"Teaching is the most important job there is.† Nobody would be where they are today if it wasn’t for teachers. We should consider this and hopefully see and change in the future.

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Definition Essay; Lies - 870 Words

Definition Essay April 6, 2012 To many people, a lie has little significance. Some people tell lies as a way to cover something up, make a different name for themselves, or just to make excuses. No matter what the situation, my father has constantly reminded me that the truth will set you free, and as I get older even though I am still in my youth, the more I realize the truth and importance of that statement. To me a lie is a form of disloyalty, the less you respect the person the more you lie to them as a way to cover up your true identity. A lie is when you mislead what is really the truth; where you don’t tell the full truth in order to deceive someone, or you avoid being honest at all. There are several different outcomes to†¦show more content†¦It takes a special kind of person to be completely comfortable with themselves, because we all have our insecurities no matter how insignificant they may be. Small lies are a common way for people to find some sort of connection with ea ch other. For example, a person may lie about being interested in a certain type of activity in order to build some common ground or gain approval from someone. Even if the person lied in order to feel more accepted, they lack respect for themselves and for the other person because they aren’t happy with themselves, and therefore care about the other person’s opinion for all the wrong reasons. This lack of self respect often stems from more personal issues, characterized from lies by a person who cares little about themselves and focuses on what other people think of them. In order to be an honest person, it takes happiness and a strong sense of self-worth so that you are complacent with the person you reallyShow MoreRelatedThe Ways We Lie By Stephanie Ericsson1148 Words   |  5 PagesIn the essay The Ways We Lie, author Stephanie Ericsson writes in depth about the different types of lies used by most people everyday. While listing examples of them, Ericsson question s her own experiences with lying and whether or not it was appropriate. By using hypothetical situations, true accounts, and personal occurrences, she highlights the moral conflicts and consequences that are a result of harmless fibs or impactful deceptions. In an essay detailing the lies told to ourselves and othersRead MoreThe Tongue Lies1560 Words   |  7 Pagesthe tongue lies Therefore I lye with her, and she with me, And in our faults by lyes we flattered be - Shakespeare Introduction and Definition Before surveys, studies and prying psychologists Shakespeare was poetically exploring, with a clever pun, the complexities of romantic relationships. His bawdy yet poignant couplet hints that lies are a social lubricant. However, it is the submission of this essay that Shakespeare is only representing one side of a complex dichotomy. Perhaps lies might facilitateRead MoreThe Theory Of Lying As Being The Most Widely Accepted Definition1158 Words   |  5 Pagesdeceive.† Although there are many definitions of what lying is they are often condemned wrong by many philosophers. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes one definition of lying as being the most widely accepted definition. â€Å"A lie is a statement made by one who does not believe it with the intention that someone else shall be led to believe it.† The reason this definition is often accepted by most is because in order to object and revise this definition in anyway one must first explain theRead MoreLie and Man Deciphers Truth Essay1708 Words   |  7 Pagesabout how man deciphers truth in his essay; however Nietzsche cannot avoid mentioning lying because in reality, lies and truth are very intertwined with each other. In fact, there are times when the truth and lies are so entangled that there are indecipherable from one another. If there is such a thin line between lies and truth, why do we lie rather than tell the truth? What exactly is the difference between someone who knows they are lying and someone who lies unknowingly? What is the differenceRead MoreDishonesty In The Ways We Lie By Langston Hughes1368 Words   |  6 Pagesappeal along with logic. The purpose of this essay is to encourage people to abstain from dishonesty. For illustration, the author states,†I cannot seem to escape the voice deep inside me that tells me when someone lies, someone loses...We must consider the meaning of our actions.† In contrast, Hughes’s essay is entirely personal. He describes a time during his childhood that he felt pressured into accepting a â€Å"lie† regarding Christianity and Jesus. The essay declared,† I was saved from sin when I wasRead MoreTok Essay Art Is a Lie That Brings Us Nearer to the Truth (Pablo Picasso)900 Words   |  4 PagesTOK ESSAY â€Å"Art is a lie that brings us nearer to the truth† (Pablo Picasso) There are different ways for art to portray elements of truth and lies; but what Picasso was mostly referring to with his quote was that art might be a representation of the truth however lies to the human eye in terms of perception. The word art is somehow â€Å"controversial, especially in contemporary philosophy† because it relies on different AOK’s and WOK’s. The main area of art focused to support Picasso’s quoteRead MoreAnalysis: Essays About Lying1063 Words   |  5 Pagesin her essay â€Å"Real Lies, White Lies, and Gray Lies† that even though lying has a derogatory label, it is a very common social behavior used by a majority of people on a daily basis. It has been a subject of scrutiny through the millennia by philosophers such as St. Augustine, Aristotle, and Plato. Can lies also be seen as positive? Don’t lies contribute to maintaining the bedrock of most relationships? In his essay â€Å"Lies, Lies, Lies,† Paul Gray answ ers this question. â€Å"Most ‘little white lies’ belongRead MoreTime Of Tutorial : Over Reliance On Fictions Made Socrates1559 Words   |  7 Pagesis just and unjust, Socrates had to use many stories based on imagination. Use of fictions and lies, have led to criticism on his philosophical ideas about justice. This essay therefore aims at not only explaining why Socrates choice of fictions was appropriate but also how the use of fiction, stories and lies enabled him to effectively convey his philosophical goals. In order to achieve this, the essay will first show how Socrates tried to explain the true meaning of justice with his Greek friendsRead MoreEssay on Is it Right or Wrong to Lie?589 Words   |  3 Pagesdecide whether it is right or wrong to lie to others. Human has an instinct to lie. The definition of a lie is â€Å"an intentionally false statement†. In different situations, lies are used in different ways. There are lies called â€Å"white lies†, and ones called â€Å"dark lies†. â€Å"White lies† are tiny lies, and a rather helpful and an acceptable lie. These lies are intended to avoid hurting, or to offend another one. â€Å"Black lies† is a rare expression, used to delude and deceive one another, or to protect yourselfRead MoreThe Overall Theme Of Hysteria In The Crucible By Arthur Miller722 Words   |  3 PagesI believe the overall theme of the play The Crucible centers around hysteria. Arthur Miller mentions in his essay â€Å"Why I Wrote the Crucible† the presence of fear and desperation in the wartime days that â€Å"formed The Crucible’s skeleton†. Arthur goes to hint at the similarity of â€Å"liberals who, despite their discomfort with the inquisitors’ violations of civil rights, were fearful, and with good reason, of being identified as covert Communists if they should protest too strongly†¦Ã¢â‚¬  to the vill agers

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Social Media Research Centre-Application Development Free-Sample

Question: Prepare Project Charter and Communication Plan. Answer: Title of the Project Social Media Research Centre Application Development Details of the Project Manager Name of the Project Manager: PrMr Email Address of the Project Manager: Project Duration The duration of the project will be a maximum of 8 Months. High Level Project Budget The allocated budget for the execution and completion of the project activities will be AUD 50,000. The setting up of the social media research centre along with the development of its application will be comprised of several project activities. The cost categories that will be involved will include the ones associated with application design and development, cost of the project resources, tool costs along with testing and closure costs (Focacci, 2011). Project Objectives The application that will be developed for social media research centre will be done in the form of a web portal which will be a web site. The project would aim at development of the web site as per the expectations of the research students and staff members such as professors, guides and mentors. The web site shall allow all of the users to take complete advantage of the information that will be put across by the web site under several research areas and research topics (Mallery, 2011). High Level Scope of the Project Ability to allow the end users with the ability to access research details such as research information, topics, past work done and likewise on a single platform. Ability to allow the end users to gain entry to the web site by allowing them to log in to the same. The application shall be comprised of the updated research details at all times. The application for social media research centre shall be composed of the system qualities such as reliability, supportability, adaptability and performance. Project Deliverables Project Charter: A detailed report focusing upon the details of the initiation phase such as high level scope of the project, key assumptions, limitations, constraints and Measurable Organization value (MOV) Communication Plan: A detailed report on the communication methods and techniques that will be followed during the project timeline (Cho, 2016) Project Plan: A detailed planning document focusing upon the information covered in the planning phase such as resource management, risk management, scope management, time and cost management. Application Code: It would be the source code of the application that is the web site for social media research centre Application Design: It would be the design aspects of the application that is the web site for social media research centre Defect Report: This report will list out the defects that will be detected during the testing phase and will include the defect name, defect description, defect status and priority. Completion Report: This deliverable will mark the end of the project and it will elaborate all the activities that will be completed in the project. Benefits of the Project to the Organization There will be numerous benefits of the project for the organization as the customer base of the same will grow with the services offered by the application that will be developed during the project. The application will offer qualities such as availability and usability which will enhance the performance and the same will also allow the organization to gain a competitive edge in the market (Dutot, 2016). Limitations There are some of the areas and tasks that will not come under project responsibilities and activities. Any of the tasks related with third-party dealings and supplier or vendor negotiations, contract management and likewise will not be included. Also, the project lifecycle will not include the activities around advertising and marketing. Measurable Organizational Value: MOV Impacted Areas Organization The most impacted area will be the organization itself as it will be able to generate new values in the market and will also become capable of providing enhanced services to the customers. Customer The next most impacted area will be the customers as they will be able to experience services of better quality. Social The impact on the social aspects will also be quite significant as there will be numerous entities that will be associated with the project and the organization such as external vendors, suppliers, partners and many more. Financial Financial aspect will also have an impact as the costs will come down in the areas of operation and resources. Strategy Adaptation of the automated systems will also impact the strategy that would be followed in the organization. Values Attribute Value Better Revenues Market Reputation Customer Satisfaction Faster Turnaround time Exception Handling Cheaper Operational Cost Do more Spread of services MOV Metric Type of Stakeholder Expectation of Stakeholder Target Project Sponsor Enhancement in the processing speed along with improved performance in the market leading to increased levels of customer satisfaction It is targeted to increase the processing speed by 33% with increase in market performance and satisfaction levels by 37% End User - Research Students Enhanced turnaround time for the response to the queries around research work Improvement in turnaround time by 43% Partners of the Organization Lesser operational costs Decrease in the costs of operations by 31% End User - Research Guides and Mentors Enhanced turnaround time for the response to the queries around research work Improvement in turnaround time by 43% Employees of the Organization Ease of operation and enhancement of processing speed of operations Use of automation in at least 80% of the operations and services Acceptance Criteria of the Project The deliverables that will be provided in the project will be provided on the following dates. Project Charter: 2nd May 2017 Communication Plan: 1st June 2017 Project Plan: 1st June 2017 Application Design: 112th July 2017 Application Code: 11th September 2017 Defect Report: 17th October 2017 Completion Report:1st December 2017 The entire project has to be completed in a period of eight months. The entire project activities shall be finished under the budget of AUD 50,000. Assumptions Constraints of the Project The entire project has to be completed in a period of eight months. The entire project activities shall be finished under the budget of AUD 50,000. Availability of the resources will be in accordance with the required effort with resource availability as 45 hours per week. Project Sponsor will provide the specifications and requirements along with the funds for the project. Stakeholder List Project Owner/Sponsor Partners of the Project Research Students and Staff Project Manager System Developer System Designer Application Tester Implementation Engineer Technical Analyst Lessons Learned There have been instances in the past that the similar projects have not been able to achieve their business objectives due to occurrences associated with a number of project risks in terms of the time, cost and resources. Such occurrences have had severe negative impacts on the projects and have also impacted their delivery and completion (Nelson, 2005). There will be measures that will be taken in this case in order to make sure that the risks, deviations and delays may be prevented and avoided at every stage. One of the major steps that will be taken towards it would be testing of the project activities all throughout the lifecycle of the project which is otherwise included after the development phase. Also, there will be evaluations that will be carried out by the management and technical experts to make sure that the progress is being made as per the specified techniques and methods (Maravilhas, 2016). Charter Sign Off The sign on the project charter will be provided by the sponsor of the project Name: Signature: Communication Plan Purpose of the Plan The primary purpose of the plan will be to come up with approach and strategies in association with internal and external communication so that an integrated framework of human and non-human resources is formed for the success of the project. The plan would contribute in the removal of ambiguities and enhancement of understanding of the resources. Stakeholders Identification Project Sponsor/Owner The communications with the Project Sponsor will be enhanced as the sponsor will be made available with the status report of the project on a weekly basis. This report will be sent by the Project Manger and it will comprise of the project status, list of defects and overall progress made during the week. Also, there will be discussions in the form of weekly meetings with the sponsor on the progress and other details (Williams, Lewis, 2008). Project Resources The resources of the project will be the prime entities that will be involved with the project and the success of the project will also depend upon these resources. There will be modes of communication that will be provided for internal discussions and external discussions to the project resources. Partners The primary discussion and passage of information to the partners of the organization and the project will be provided by the sponsor. The major discussions will take place with the representative of the internal resources as the Project Manager. End Users The end users will be made available with the end product in the form of a developed web application and alerts will be created upon the completion of the same (Papulova, 2016). Information Sharing Communication will be essential for sharing the information as well as the information will flow between the internal as well as external entities. The internal project resources will be provided with the shared information associated with the various aspects of the project such as specifications, cost, schedule, tracking of resources, guidelines, methodologies and likewise. The external entities will be mainly interested in the project progress and the status along with the main defects that will be encountered. Information Exchange - Frequency The status of the project will be communicated with exchange of the status reports internally and externally. The internal exchange will be done daily and the external exchange will be done weekly. Information on the progress, conflicts and disputes will be exchanged internally through team meetings and team discussions that will take place daily in the morning. External meetings will occur between Project Manager and Project Sponsor at the end of the week. There may also be occurrence of risks or priority work during the project which will be discussed and exchanged with immediate meetings. Information Exchange Location External communication will take place with sponsor and partners over the emails, tele-conferencing mediums and the files will be shared by placing them on the SharePoint location. Internal communications will take place through emails, phone conversations and audio or video conferencing as well. Purpose of Communication The primary purpose of project communications will be to come up with approach and strategies in association with internal and external communication so that an integrated framework of human and non-human resources is formed for the success of the project. Communication activities would contribute in the removal of ambiguities and enhancement of understanding of the resources (Wilson, 2004). Communication Mechanism There are several mechanisms that can be used in the project for enhancement of the communication platforms. Internal communications will be completed with the aid of modes such as emails, phones and teleconferencing mediums with in-person meetings in the organization meeting rooms. The external communication mechanisms that will be used will include teleconferencing and emails. Change Management There may be a number of changes that may come up during the project lifecycle at any of the project stages. It is often observed that these changes lead to a lot of re-work and involvement of too many resources during the project. It is therefore essential to come up with the methodologies and preparation efforts to handle these changes with perfection and with the ability to incorporate them with ease. The change management approach that will be followed in this project will include the phased and step by step approach. The changes will be defined in the form of change request document approved by the project owner or sponsor. The document will describe the change and its requirement along with the resources that will be required in the same. The resource allocation will then be performed followed by implementation of the changes (Brady, 2008). Meeting Agenda Meetings will be essential during the project lifecycle and will have significance internally as well as externally. These meeting that will be conducted internally and externally will have the following agenda: The meetings shall be conducted in order to understand the project progress along with the status of the project. The meetings shall aim at the resolution of the conflicts and disputes associated with the project. The meeting shall aim at the problem solving and decision making abilities along with the creation of new concepts and ideas. The meetings shall involve active participation from the project resources and shall be facilitated by the Project Manager. The meetings shall include the use of polite tone even in discussion and explanation of the associated project conflict or any matter of dispute. The meetings shall be conducted as per the ethical and professional codes of conduct. The meetings shall be conducted in order to enhance the project quality along with that of the activities involved in the project. References Brady, M. (2008). Analysis of a public sector organizational unit using strategic and operational analysis tools. Knowledge And Process Management, 15(2), 140-149. Cho, S. (2016). Raising Seoul's global competitiveness: developing key performance indicators. Journal Of Public Affairs. Dutot, V. (2016). Social media and business intelligence: defining and understanding social media intelligence. Journal Of Decision Systems, 25(3), 191-192. Focacci, A. (2011). Corporate Social Responsibility performance assessment by using a linear combination of key indicators. International Journal Of Business Governance And Ethics, 6(2), 183. Mallery, M. (2011). Project Management Portal (PMP) from the University of Washington Information Technology Wiki - Technical Services Quarterly, 28(3), 365-367. Maravilhas, S. (2016). Social Media Intelligence for Business. International Journal Of Organizational And Collective Intelligence, 6(4), 19-44. Nelson, J. (2005). Corporate governance practices, CEO characteristics and firm performance. Journal Of Corporate Finance, 11(1-2), 197-228. Papulova, Z. (2016). Role of Strategic Analysis in Strategic Decision-Making. Procedia Economics And Finance, 39, 571-579. Williams, W., Lewis, D. (2008). Strategic management tools and public sector management. Public Management Review, 10(5), 653-671. Wilson, A. (2004). How process defines performance management. International Journal Of Productivity And Performance Management, 53(3), 261-267.

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Illinois Tax Problems

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn was re-elected with a platform built on higher tax rates. According to many analysts, it was an improbable win because of the prospect of higher taxes. But to the surprise of many pundits, Governor Quinn was ushered into the office for another term.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Illinois’ Tax Problems specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The reaction can be understood if one takes a look at the figures. The proposed income tax hike amounted to a significant increase from 3% to 5.25%. In addition, the state would also impose a tax increase in personal property tax. As a result, the corporate tax rate would increase to 10.9%. It was a major upgrade and a burden to many businessmen. The expected and unexpected outcome of the proposed tax increase was to initiate a chain-reaction of events that forced big businesses to search for a place to relocate. In other words, Illinois could n o longer be considered as a practical place to conduct business. It triggered a panic reaction from the governor, and he offered tax breaks for companies like Motorola, Sears, and Caterpillar. However, medium-scale enterprises were unable to avail of multi-million dollar tax breaks enjoyed by previously mentioned conglomerates. The tax problems prompted many to offer solutions to the burgeoning budget deficit of the state, and some said that it could be solved not by higher tax rates but reduction in expenses. Macroeconomics The articles offered a good case study of macroeconomics. Roger Leroy Miller’s book provided a clear discussion of macroeconomics because it is one of the means to study the economy of a state or a nation. In this particular case, the macroeconomic consideration for the state of Illinois examines the impact of the new tax laws not only on the giant corporations that can be found in the state but also on the economy of neighboring states. In addition, a ma croeconomic view of the tax issue enables the analysts to see the cause and effect of certain policies. In other words, the macroeconomic view considers the wide-range effect on an area not just an individual. It must be pointed out that when Governor Quinn increased the tax rate, he also considered the macroeconomic impact of his decisions. Although the tax hike could be seen as an additional burden to the families which saw their tax bill increase significantly, the positive impact of the said move should not be discounted.Advertising Looking for article on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Governor Quinn made the argument that this move could narrow down the budget deficit and provide a better future for everyone. On the other hand, the neighboring states began to entice corporations to relocate. Viewed from a macroeconomic perspective, this means that unemployment rate in Illinois will skyrocket if Gover nor Quinn cannot stop the exodus from happening. Tax Issues The proposed tax hike was a reaction to the problem of budget deficit that threatened to derail the state of Illinois. The current figures indicated that Illinois could not pay 40% of needed expenditures. In other words, there was no way to generate $15 billion. If this amount were not in the government coffers, then there would be no money to pay for pension and healthcare expenses. It was a devastating prospect for the workers who diligently toiled for decades in anticipation of an idyllic retirement period. It was also a nightmare for those who depended on the state for employment benefits and healthcare. The public school system would be affected and other services that the government had to support. As a result, Governor Quinn was forced to increase the tax rate. The people acceded to his request because he made it clear that there was no other way to solve the problem. The people voted for Quinn because he convinced t hem that he could solve the problems that buffeted the economy of the state of Illinois. The main component of the campaign promise was to force giant corporations to fork out more taxes. It was a proposition that was easy to understand. Big profits could be translated to more tax money and, therefore, could increase the funds of the state. Unfortunately, the plan backfired when corporations like Caterpillar and Motorola threatened to relocate to another state where the tax laws were not as crippling. When Governor Quinn began to offer tax breaks, the average tax payer began to recoil in dismay and unbelief. It came to a point when an expert weighed in and said that the decision of Governor Quinn to appease big businessmen with tax breaks was not only disturbing but could also create a dangerous precedent that could significantly erode public confidence. It could even create a major financial crisis in the said state. Solutions from Taxpayers’ Point of View There were two maj or groups of tax payers. The first group was comprised of employees and entrepreneurs. The second group consisted of the multinational companies like Caterpillar and Motorola. From the perspective of the first group, the solution to the problem was to increase the taxes imposed on big corporations. They also proposed to lessen expenditures. A specific suggestion was to reduce the amount of money that the state committed to pay retirees.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Illinois’ Tax Problems specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The second group, on the other hand, offered a one-sided solution to the problem. The solution came in the form of tax breaks. In other words, they were amenable to the idea of raising the tax rates, but when it came to the giant corporations, the amount that they had to pay was covered with the millions of dollars in tax breaks given by the state. Solutions from Selected Officials Th e solution provided by Governor Quinn was to raise the income tax of the workers and to increase corporate tax. But at the same time, he turned around to offer a tax break for big business groups like Motorola and Caterpillar. It should be made clear that government officials agreed with the proposal to cut government spending. As a result, the state legislature proposed a pension-reform bill. The purpose of the said bill was to reduce the commitment of the government to future retirees. Thus, the newly hired workers are not going to enjoy the same type of benefits received by present day retirees. Conclusion The budget deficit forced Governor Quinn and the state legislature to increase the income and corporate taxes. The campaign promise was anchored on the idea that giant corporations located in Illinois would help shoulder the burden. But when the new tax rate was announced, big corporations threatened to relocate, and this prompted another impulsive reaction from Governor Quinn. He offered tax breaks for these corporations. The people were dismayed with this new development and suggested other solutions that could help solve the tax problems faced by the state. This article on Illinois’ Tax Problems was written and submitted by user Landon Bowers to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Questioning the Rejection

Questioning the Rejection I wear three hats FundsforWriters editor, freelance writer, and mystery author. With the first, I have the painful privilege of accepting and declining submissions. In my other two roles, Im the recipient of the decision. As the writer/author, Ive been politely declined, unfortunately ignored, laughed at, and derided tongue-in-cheek I reply to every submission, usually with a reason if the piece was unacceptable. Im booked through 2015, so there is no shortage of submissions. When a concept shows serious potential, the submitter receives an invitation to resubmit an edited version. Some do and some dont. Most, however, are eager to try again. Keep in mind Im not your normal editor. Still, however, I have writers who become irate or question my logic. The ones who complain the loudest are those who resubmit and I do not accept the piece. The argument usually sounds something like this: I did what you asked and you still reject it? Ive invested all this time and effort and you still dont want it? How dare you waste my time. Im done. When you submit to a magazine/newsletter/publisher, you are asking that someone on the other end take their time to read your work and hopefully pay you. You are one of many. Ten, a hundred, maybe a thousand others like you will be considered for the same slot. How would you like to spend an entire day going over submissions knowing youre only allowed to pick one or two, and that all those other people will be unhappy with you if you take the time to reply? So, to all my writing friends out there, when you pitch to an editor: First, be happy that you receive a response either way. Its expensive to send rejections to so many people. That effort could easily explode into a full-time position with no hope of return on investment. Yes, it might be mannerly to offer a rejection, but when some rejection recipients get upset over the answer, you might understand why its easier not to reply at all. Second, be happy that the reply included editorial remarks. Someone cared. Third, be ecstatic if the reply leaves the door open to resubmit. Someone is reaching out. Finally, never bite the hand that has the potential to feed you. If you are rejected after all that back and forth, chill. The person on the other side took time with you. This is an opportunity for you, even if you are rejected. Get mad and theyll never consider future pieces. Yes, most of them will remember. Ill bet it never crossed your mind that you ought to be paid less because someone had to edit your work two or three times, either. That publication couldve even taken a loss buying the piece, when you look at the hourly pay of that editor. Be positive. Be proactive. Be thankful. Be nice. Trust me, it all comes around.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Cold War Era and the Threats to American Families Essay

Cold War Era and the Threats to American Families - Essay Example For instance, when Cuba fell to Fidel Castro in 1959, they immediately got aid and support from the U.S.S.R.[Shermen, 2004, p. 17]. Likewise with a wide range of nations. In general, the Cold War became a situation where both the US and the USSR continued to expand their interests internationally, and in turn, grew their military power. Included in the growth of the military, was the expansion of nuclear arms. A nuclear bomb was first used by the US on Japan in the Second World War, and its effectiveness became the catalyst for developing these types of bombs in both the US and the USSR. The Cold War was thus synonymous with the 'arms race' [Westad, 2000, p. 207], which would eventually bankrupt the USSR. Explain the specific threats to American citizens. The US lived under the threat of nuclear bombs. These were not just in the USSR, but during that era, were the cargo for bombers constantly circling the world and also, located in allies of the USSR like Cuba. Thus, the US was under threat of being bombed and to a lesser extent, they felt they were under an ideological threat. One of the aspects of the Cold War, was the general fear that communism was expanding and within the US too.